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Tampa Bay Divorce Attorney Divorce is a turning point in life that many people dread going through, however, you may find yourself happier once the process in complete. The direction taken and outc...

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Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution Equitable Distribution is the process by which the judge will allocate and divide the marital assets and liabilities between you and your spouse. In Florida, this process is go...

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Alimony for Financial Support in a Divorce Alimony or Spousal support is designed to help provide you or your spouse with financial support after the conclusion of a marriage where one spouse has a n...

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Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans and Time-Sharing In the State of Florida, the terms “custody” and “visitation” have evolved into the concepts of “parenting plans” and “time-sharing schedules”. These plans are mean...

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Time Sharing

Frequently the biggest and most consuming portion of a divorce with minor children, the creation of a Time-Sharing Schedule is controlled by the Parenting Plan statute, Florida Statute §61.13.  Althou...

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Child Support

Child support in the State of Florida is calculated based upon the guidelines set out by the legislature in Florida Statute §61.30. The statute basically takes both parties’ gross monthly incomes, d...

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Our firm handles family law appeal cases in Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. These appeals cover cases originating from courts in the following counties: ...

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Tampa Domestic violence is a highly sensitive topic, both for the person alleging the wrong against themselves, and the one who finds themselves at the receiving end of a petitio...

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Modification and Enforcement

Modification and Enforcement in Tampa Many clients require the services of an attorney post-judgment for the purpose of either modification or enforcement of their Final Judgment. Enforcement of Fin...

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Family Mediation

Mediation is a compulsory process of any family law case. Before the Court litigates a decision on issues of parenting plan, equitable distribution, alimony, child support, or attorney fees (be it ini...

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Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce process affords willing participants the opportunity to resolve their divorce issues out of court, using shared resources such as mental health professionals (for assistance ...

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Pre and Postnuptial

Don’t think you need a prenup in Tampa? Think again You may be under the impression that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich and famous, but that is not the case. A prenuptial agreement in Ta...

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