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How long does a divorce take?

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The question often arises during a divorce “how long does a divorce take?” Theodore Rechel of Rechel & Associates in Tampa, Florida answers this question.

Video Transcript:

The length of time it takes to get a dissolution of marriage is really a function of the party's ability to come to a fair and reasonable conclusion. It's also a function of the complexity of the issues and finally, a matter of scheduling for the attorneys and the court system. If a case is amicable and the parties are civil with each other and they take reasonable positions, then the case can be settled within, say, three months. By the time we get to mediation we can achieve a complete resolution and move on to an uncontested file hearing. However, if there's a lot of information that needs to be gathered, if there are complex parenting issues, if there are complex equitable distribution issues, or an alimony issue that's not clear, then it may take awhile to get the necessary information. To be able to go to mediation, or to a settlement conference and to resolve all of the issues and get a signed settlement agreement. However, if the parties choose to fight over issues big and small, then the case will drag on a very long time and can take a year or two years, or even longer. Again, there's a great emphasis on staking out reasonable positions, being flexible to some point to come up with creative solutions so that we can resolve the case, avoid a trial and get the case finished as expeditiously as possible

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